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Lord of the Rams: Media Coverage - 28 October 2008

Ronan Smith

This article on Lord of the Rams originally appeared in the 28 October 2008 edition of Cavan Post.

Rambo is Lord of the Memoir
A Cavan man has put himself on the road to literary acclaim with the release of his comedic memoirs which give an account of his life in this county and all over the world.

Ronan Smith, a webmaster and editor from Munterconnaught released "The Lord of the Rams" in June and followed that with an official launch at the Ramor Inn, Ryfield on October 20*. It is a humorous account covering 25 years. It includes his early life in Cavan and his travels to places like Dublin, New York and London and the author feels it will strike a chord with readers.

“I guess you’d describe it as a comedy memoir. It’s the kind of story that probably a lot of people could relate to. It’s your everyday things like growing up in the 1980s without a whole lot of money and then moving to college and things not being much better. It’s about the various people I met and the things I got up to over a 25 year period,” explained Ronan.

The title came from his school nickname of "Rambo" which changed to "The Ram" over the years and he decided on "The Lord of the Rams" for the book after a friend gave him a t-shirt bearing that slogan. The title fits in with the comical slant of the writing which he felt was the best approach.

“I think it seemed more natural to write from a comedy point of view. Most people who read it have come back happy enough and said that they were laughing away. At least I hope that’s a good thing,” joked Ronan.

"The Lord of the Rams" is available in many book-shops including Crannog and Eason’s in Cavan.

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Article by Ronan Maher

* Launch took place on 1 August 2008. Incorrect information inadvertently supplied by Ronan Smith to Cavan Post.


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