Lord of the RamsLord of the Rams

Lord of the Rams: Media Coverage - September 2008

Books Ireland

This review of Lord of the Rams originally appeared in the September 2008 edition of Books Ireland.

Smith has eleven years’ experience in managing large-scale corporate web projects. With such a background, you might expect a modern or post-modern novel as his first. Instead we have a book that fits into a long tradition of Irish popular literature, the comic semi-autobiographical novel. The book is a humorous tale of growing up in Cavan in the 1980s, and the action takes us far beyond there. Rams is an abbreviation of the author’s nickname of Randy Rambo. To find out why he was called that you will have to read the book. The book is genuinely funny in parts, told in a jocular style, with plenty of misadventures along the way. Anyone raised in rural Ireland, not just in the 1980s, will recognise the cast of eccentrics and misfits that Smith has assembled. It may not be Tarry Flynn but that does not mean it is a bad novel.

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