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A Great Way to Market and Sell a Book

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

After complaining about the lack of “comedy memoirs” on the market in last month’s blog, I came across an interesting website.

Mentally Incontinent ( is the brainchild of Joe Peacock who began writing stories about his life in 2002 and placing them on his site. The genius of Joe’s site is that he allowed (and still does) readers to vote for their favourite stories, and the ones with the most votes were placed in a self-published book of the same name in 2005.

His book eventually found its way into the hands of an editor at Penguin/Gotham and, as a result, Joe will release the follow-up book Mentally Incontinent: That Time I Burned Down a Hooters, That Time My Stalker Crashed on My Couch, and Nine Other Stories from My Weird Life in November.

Joe’s stories centre on all manner of misadventures (with some similarities to Lord of the Rams in terms of subject matter) that he has lived out over the years. In fact the stories remind me of Tucker Max’s infamous I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell book, but I think Joe’s stories will perhaps appeal to a broader audience since they have a much wider focus than Tucker’s funny but somewhat one-dimensional tales.

Hats off to Joe for a fantastic web-enabled idea. By facilitating online interaction from his readers, Joe has created a fan base for his books that sees his new offering sitting in Amazon’s Top 5 pre-sales humour chart. I will certainly be keeping a look out for this book in the near future (as well as picking up the original).

Joe’s first book can be purchased via a number of websites, including Amazon. And his infamous Wal-Mart revenge story ( is just one of the funny stories from that book! Read more on his website

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