Lordoftherams.com goes live

Hello and welcome to the very first “Blog of the Rams”.

This blog will be updated regularly over the coming weeks as the build-up to the launch of my first book, Lord of the Rams, gathers pace.

Today, 25 June 2008, marks the unveiling of the Lord of the Rams website. But this is only the beginning!

First and foremost, two important dates for your calendar:

24 July 2008: Official Dublin launch of Lord of the Rams

Venue: Dicey Reilly’s (function room), Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Time: 6.00pm – Late

Music: To be confirmed

Refreshments: Finger food will be served

Other Information: This book launch is open to all members of the public. Lord of the Rams will be for sale (priced €14.50) at the event and, in an act of unprecedented Cavan generosity, the first 50 copies will include a rather marvellous Lord of the Rams bookmark.

1 August 2008: Official Cavan launch of Lord of the Rams

Venue: The Ramor Inn, Ryefield, Virginia, Co. Cavan

Time: 7.00pm – Late

Music: To be confirmed

Refreshments: Finger food will be served

Other Information: Same as the Dublin event

More info on both launches will be posted over the coming weeks.

You will also notice that an extract from Lord of the Rams has been uploaded to the website. This is the entire first chapter and should provide you with a small taster of the complete book.

Two further extracts will follow on Thursday 3 July 2008 and Thursday 17 July 2008, so make sure to revisit the site over the coming weeks.

Also, if you have any comments to make, you can do so via this blog or by emailing me directly at info@lordoftherams.com.

Until later,


Next Blog update: Thursday 3 July 2008

18 Responses to “Lordoftherams.com goes live”

  1. MrsBabs Says:

    Who’s the stud in the pictures? Don’t recognise him from Tommy’s!!!

    We’re all booked in for the launch in Dicey’s….I’m taking the Friday off work….

    Best of luck.

  2. davidm20 Says:

    Where did you get the body double? Air brushed, storm brushed more like….

    Good luck see you on the night

  3. admin Says:

    Dave / Sheila,

    The camera can do amazing things these days although, to be fair, the source material was fairly good to begin with :-)

  4. Rhubarb Says:

    It’s amazing what can happen to your little brother if you just give him a little push in the right direction. I will of course be attending both book launches to take all the credit for pushing you down the stairs at the tender age of two.

    Best of luck and see you soon.

  5. ians007 Says:

    What’s the story with the shrub on your face? you look like a mini Big Boss Man, without the muscle :-P

    Best of look with the launch.. will be there alright, cant miss a night where a Cavan man not only gives out free food but free book markers… sheesh, what next – you’ll get a round in!!

  6. gilsh Says:

    did you tell the story about the pick axe going through the pint glass and in to the bar at the same time you were trying to head but 5 floor tiles .

  7. admin Says:

    Mr. Gilsenan,

    Without giving too much away, that story is indeed in there. However, I think the book struggles to convey just how mad/surreal that night was and I may even have slightly tamed it down to avoid shaming certain individuals :-) Wish I’d consulted you whilst writing it as I don’t recall me trying to headbutt 5 floor tiles although, to be fair, it sounds like something I would have done, given the shenanigans that took place on the night in question!

  8. Pauric Says:

    well Ronan! Fair play to ya with the book! Bill cullens autobio wouldnt be a patch on the rams story(the real irish success story…). Any mention of the Park hotel? Sandra is currently pushing for the book to introduced into the school curriculum, though shes not sure what to class it under… any suggestions?

  9. admin Says:

    Thanks Pauric. My painting days may well be alluded to! Tell Sandra it can be filed under ‘Ground-breaking Irish Biographies’ :-) There’s always room for those on the school curriculum.

  10. FirstClass Says:

    Hi Bro-in-law! Well done! Don’t forget me when you move to Beverly Hills and make sure to say hello to Arnie from me.

  11. Tighe Says:

    Hey rams best of luck with the book looking good the one you gave me attracting few bids on e bay but as we approch the launch things should pick up, just one small observation when did “gavin dowd” become “gavin O dowd” i just feel you missed the chance to finaly take on this issue.

  12. Shameless Says:

    The O’Dowd is an alias, an alter ego. I know it’s not exactly a fool proof disguise but I wanted to have it close enough to the real thing to remember it.

  13. admin Says:

    Mr. Tighe. Maybe I should have used your real name, Patrick :-)

  14. The Ron Says:

    Any sign of an American launch,surely the lads and yourself are due a trip stateside (via Iceland of course) for old time sake.
    I hope you mentioned jumping on the undercover police officers back in New York (3 times before you discovered he was a cop) and the craic in The Littleist with the Thongs…..
    The All American…..

  15. admin Says:


    You’ll be glad to know that all of those stories and more made it into the book. No sign of an American launch but the book is available via loads of online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. etc so I am expecting you to spread the word for me stateside – I might even give you a commission :-) Will be posting details on the site this week!

  16. Tighe Says:

    Great nite had by all fair play to the rams best book launch this year!! The one in cavan will be even better if the reports from London are anything to go by,mind you O Dowd may not be telling the truth!! Due to work commitments i may not make the mass on island rock (no doubt O Dowd is saying that) but see ye all down the pub!! Great to see the Oldcastle lads in good order after Meaths hammering last weekend chin up lads!!!!

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  18. Phuket Says:

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    [...]» Blog Archive » Lordoftherams.com goes live[...]…

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