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Welcome back to Blog of the Rams.

It has been an exciting seven days since the launch of The website has received significant traffic (bearing in mind that the marketing campaign only really began last Wednesday) and people have been very generous with their feedback via email, the blog and in person. So a big thanks to all who have been in touch – your comments have been much appreciated.

You may have noticed that a second extract from Lord of the Rams has been posted on the website. I could have done the obvious and posted the second chapter of the book. But I wanted to provide readers with a taste of later chapters without giving too much away.

Last week’s extract (Chapter 1) detailed my early days in primary school. This week’s extract, however, jumps ahead by several years to 1996 when I started college in Waterford. A large part of the book deals with my two years spent in Waterford, and it was these years in particular that partly inspired me to write Lord of the Rams.

No money (and I mean absolutely no money) meant that my flatmates (who were equally poor) and I had to find ever-inventive ways of entertaining ourselves and providing basic provisions for the flat. This week’s extract (Extract 2 - Turning the Water into Wine) deals with our attempts to secure free Cablelink for the flat, but the complete book portrays in much more detail our very pathetic but hilarious existence: the novel ways in which we heated the flat, visits from our overly-nosey rent collector, the further dilapidation of our already dilapidated flat, putting food on the table and still managing to go for a few beers, and dealing with our very own stalker.

Waterford: Two years, but a lifetime of stories!

If you have any comments on the latest extract, direct them via this blog or by emailing me directly at The final extract from Lord of the Rams will be published on the site on Thursday 17 July 2008.

Don’t forget: Launch parties in Dicey Reilly’s, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 on 24 July 2008, and in The Ramor Inn, Ryefield, Virginia, Co. Cavan on 1 August 2008. See last week’s blog for more information.

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