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Lord of the Rams: Dublin Book Launch - Dicey Reilly's, 24 July 2008

Lord of the Rams was officially launched in Dicey Reilly's, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 on 24 July 2008.

The event kicked-off at 6.00pm in 'La Canard Salle' function room, with guests also relaxing in the adjoining beer garden as the sun shone and drinks flowed.

A packed house ensured that sales of Lord of the Rams remained strong throughout the night, with some guests purchasing several copies of the book.



As the evening progressed, finger food was served before Ronan Smith, author of Lord of the Rams, addressed the guests.

Ronan thanked everyone for coming, provided a little background info on the book's origins and read a poem about the book, entitled Poem of the Rams. With the formalities of the night out of the way, music was then provided by Woodsey in what was a very enjoyable two hour gig.

Many thanks to all who attended, the staff at Dicey's, Woodsey, and Laura Galeckaite who took the majority of the photos on the night.

For more on the launch, see Blog of the Rams.

High resolution photos from the event are available on request by emailing info@lordoftherams.com.

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