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Interview with the Author: January 2010

Ronan Smith







A glimpse of things to come?
The Lord of the Rams is back—and this time he's
going global.

In this candid interview Ronan Smith, author of Lord of the Rams, speaks exclusively to the Official Lord of the Rams Website (i.e. himself) about Lord of the Rams 2: A Tale of Four Continents and his online plans to document the book’s development from now until its estimated release date in 2013.

When I last spoke to you in June 2008, you indicated that there might never be a sequel to Lord of the Rams. But you’re here today to announce that Lord of the Rams 2: A Tale of Four Continents is on the way. What has changed? Why write a follow-up?
I wrote Lord of the Rams: The Greatest Story Never Told as a stand-alone title and originally intended for it to be a one-off release. However, during that interview I did indicate that maybe a ‘round the world’ follow-up would surface at some stage. And that’s what Lord of the Rams 2 will be: a comedy travel memoir focussing almost entirely on my misadventures from a selection of the 60+ cities I’ve visited across four continents.

I think anyone who read the original book and enjoyed the accounts of my time in London, New York and Boston will feel right at home with the new book. I’m hoping it will appeal to people who love travelling, meeting new people and can relate to getting into weird and wonderful situations on the road.

And what can people expect this time round?
More of the same, except completely different. As I said, this will be a comedy travel memoir. And whilst the readers won’t garner too much insight into the countries or cultures I’ve encountered (there’s plenty of books already doing this), I will attempt to throw in a little bit of information here and there on sites visited, quality tours, etc. And there will be plenty of strange and humorous encounters with the local residents along the way.  Ultimately this is Lord of the Rams so expect a ton of over-the-top but real life stories featuring myself and a host of returning characters from the first book.

Can you give me a few examples of these 'misadventures'?
Well I don’t want to give too much away, and I’m not even sure what stories will make the finished manuscript, but in Lord of the Rams 2 I experience homelessness in Switzerland, fall victim to Nigerian scam artists in Tokyo, get mistaken for Elvis Presley worldwide, endure racism in LA, appear on Mongolian and Argentinean television and save Mr. T’s life in Germany. And that’s only for starters! Add in some amazing locations and the aforementioned characters (along with plenty of new characters) and I think Lord of the Rams 2 will have plenty to offer new and returning readers alike.

You don’t expect the book to be released until 2013. Why are you hyping it now?

Two reasons:

Firstly, starting from next week, I’m planning on writing ‘author diary’ pieces on my regular blog every two-three months. These updates will give an insight into the progress of the book along with small tips and things I’ve learned along the way. I often hear about people who want to write a book but never seem to get round to doing it. The purpose of these updates is purely for me to share my experiences and to perhaps encourage a bit of interaction on my website.

Lord of the Rams would have ended up a very different and less-complete book if it hadn’t been for the generous recollections/anecdotes of friends and acquaintances that helped jog my memory along the way. I’m hoping that, via this blog (which will be marketed through my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lordoftherams, I’ll get some anecdotes from old friends that can ultimately be used in the finished book.

After I published Lord of the Rams, some people said, ‘you forgot to mention such and such’. The diary updates will allow people to give their six-pence worth. I’d also like to encourage strangers who have read the original book to get involved—tell me what you would like to see more/less of in the follow-up, that sort of thing.

2nd reason:

By drawing attention to the upcoming book, I’m hoping I can attract new customers to the original and create a certain sense of anticipation for the follow-up when it is eventually published.

Ronan’s first Author Diary will be published on Blog of the Rams on 4 February 2010.
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