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Poem of the Rams

As part of his speech at the launch of Lord of the Rams in Dicey Reilly's, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 on 24 July 2008, Ronan Smith (author of Lord of the Rams) recited a poem.

In Ronan's own words, the poem will either 'encourage you to buy and read the entire book or it will save you the trouble of having to read it at all'.




Poem of the Rams

‘Grow up a few years,’ a teacher once said
to a lad who was not really right in the head.
‘In a few years,’ he duly replied.
The teacher fell silent, but not so the boy.

Over the years, he made one teacher cry,
outsmarted several; some wanted to die.
They all knew him as the smart ass of the class,
to others he was simply the Lord of the Rams.

School days flew by and college beckoned,
a big change in his life Rams hadn’t reckoned.
Money was low, but adventure was high;
a lifetime of memories from just getting by.

After college came work, money and travel,
Rams headed for London, Boston, The Big Apple.
Mischief and mayhem followed him and his friends,
but to find out more please read Lord of the Rams.

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