Lord of the RamsLord of the Rams

Welcome to Lordoftherams.com

Welcome to LordoftheRams.com

As part of a major marketing campaign to draw attention to the forthcoming 'Lord of the Rams' book (which will be published in July 2008), Lordoftherams.com has been launched.

Over the course of the next few weeks, this site will be updated with details of the impending launch parties (of which there will be two - one in Dicey Reilly's, Dublin on 24 July 2008 and one in The Ramor Inn, Ryefield, Virginia, Co. Cavan on 1 August 2008), extracts from the book (available via the news section), and weekly ramblings and updates from the Lord of the Rams himself - courtesy of the aptly-named Blog of the Rams.

If you have any questions, comments or insults to make, please do so via the blog or the Contact page.

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